imagePamela Weber Harris is the new lead author of Discovering Advanced Algebra, and author of Building Powerful Numeracy for Middle & High School Students, Lessons & Activities for Building Powerful Numeracyand Building Powerful Numeracy: A Facilitator’s Guide. A former secondary mathematics teacher, Pam currently teaches at Texas State University, is a K-12 mathematics education consultant, a T³ (Teachers Teaching with Technology) Instructor, and an author and coauthor of several professional development workshops. Pam presents frequently at conferences.  Her particular interests include numeracy, sequencing tasks, technology, assessment, and vertical connectivity in curricula in schools K-12.

Professional Background

Pam taught high school math and German, but when her kids started school, she became intrigued with how elementary math is taught.  Her research led her to the works of Cathy Fosnot and the Mathematics in the City program.  Soon she was a math consultant to her local school district, revitalizing their elementary math program.  As her children moved on from elementary school, Pam’s focus shifted back to middle and high school math.  The need for powerful numeracy in the upper grades prompted her to write a book and create activities to develop powerful numeracy.

As Pam was delivering workshops to secondary teachers about teaching with the power of graphing calculators, teachers expressed interest in her numeracy work which prompted her to develop numeracy workshops for teachers.  These workshops led to Pam’s Building Powerful Numeracy books. Pam also teaches math coaches, trainers and facilitators and has written the Building Powerful Numeracy Facilitator’s Guide.

A few years ago, Pam was asked to help write the Bridges in Mathematics textbook for grades 3-5. She thoroughly enjoyed working with the good people at the Math Learning Center.

Lately, her work has focused on teaching algebra content through problem strings, truly problematic situations, and math congresses.  She believes that the sequence of activities is as important as the activities themselves.  Math class should be an activity of constructing mathematical ideas as they arise out of real-world situations.

Pam is the new lead author of Discovering Advanced Algebra, an algebra II textbook published by Kendall Hunt. It is the third in the well known series of Discovering Mathematics: Discovering Algebra, Discovering Geometry. Pam also is the lead author for the ancillary books, Algebra Problem Strings and Advanced Algebra Problem Strings, which contain mini-lessons to lead into or lead out of the investigations in each section. They are available for purchase here.

Currently Pam teaches Elementary Math Methods (CI 4350) at Texas State University, delivers presentations and workshops, speaks at math teaching conferences, and works on adding to this website. Stay tuned!