Focus on Algebra

This series of teacher workshops focuses on the content of first year algebra. In these workshops, teachers study a purposeful sequence of multiple-entry algebra tasks including algebra problem strings, truly problematic situations, and math congresses. The study includes analyzing video of teachers and students, which facilitates a deep understanding of the math content, student strategies, and high-lves.   Teachers study and discuss:

  • What does it mean to sequence tasks, with development along a landscape of learning? How do you lead into and out of tasks?
  • What are high leverage teacher moves that teachers can implement to facilitate construction, structuring, and mathematizing?
  • What are algebra problem strings, truly problematic situations, and math congresses? Where do they fit in a purposeful curriculum? How do teachers plan and facilitate these lesson formats?
  • How can student-generated strategies drive development? How can teachers model student thinking? How does this modeling support efficiency and sophistication of strategies?

Each workshop is 3 days for teachers, 4 days if the workshop is geared toward trainers. Materials include handouts and electronic files with teacher notes, resource files, and video clips of teachers and students at work.