Focus on Algebra: Exponential Functions

Next offering is Summer 2018, more details to come soon.

This workshop looks at geometric sequences, exponent behavior in equations, and exponential functions.  We use problem strings to construct the meaning of exponential notation and parameters affect exponential growth.  We also study truly problematic situations of reproducing rabbits and virus’ population growth to learn about exponential functions.

With purposeful tasks and proper sequencing of those tasks, there is very little content that needs to be a direct teach.  How different that is from our traditional “let me tell you the exponent rules and you memorize them” activities!  These tasks and their sequence foster a deep conceptual understanding of sequences, exponential behavior, and how parameters affect their behavior.

Materials include handouts and electronic files with teacher notes, resource files, and video clips of teachers and students at work.  There is a fourth day  for trainers and facilitators that focuses on how to turn the workshop around.

This workshop is appropriate teachers of algebra 1.

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