Focus on Algebra: Quadratic Functions

FoA quad Abby with 3 formsNext offering is Summer 2018, more details to come soon.

This workshop is a study of quadratic functions in a first year algebra course through a function-based approach. We examine a series of eight sequenced algebra tasks with an eye toward understanding the quadratic content standards, analyzing teacher pedagogy, and incorporating mathematical habits of mind.

The tasks include truly problematic situations, math congresses, and algebra problem strings.  This is not just a bunch of nice activities. Rather, teachers study the progression of tasks – how to engage students in a multiple-entry task that leads into the next multiple entry-task that leads into the next multiple-entry task….

In the workshop, teachers analyze video of real teachers and real students performing these multiple-entry tasks, and we codify several high-leverage teacher moves that help students construct mathematical relationships.  We also study the appropriate and powerful use of technology.

FoA Quad Luke fountainMaterials include handouts and electronic files with teacher notes, resource files, and video clips of teachers and students at work.  There is a fourth day for trainers and facilitators that focuses on how to turn the workshop around.

Watch this video and wonder how it fits in with a quadratics training? No, we won’t throw things at your head or teach you to juggle.  Come to the workshop and find out how it connects to teaching algebra 1.

This workshop is appropriate teachers of algebra 1 and algebra II.

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