Open Enrollment Workshops

Pam will readily admit is that she is still growing and changing.  She is constantly seeking to understand more, understand more clearly, and be better.  That definitely spills over into her presentations and workshops – whether the workshop is part of the Building Powerful Numeracy series that has been around a while, or a new offering like Supporting Teachers to Build Powerful Numeracy.  She is constantly refining and clarifying.  So whether you attended a workshop years ago or just last year, there is probably something new to take away and add to your development.

Open enrollment workshops are open to teachers, leaders, pre-service teachers, and parents – anyone who wants to understand math and math teaching better.  Since not all workshops are offered every year, we want to know which workshops you want to see offered next.  In addition to open enrollment workshops in Austin, we can come to you for a private workshop for your campus, district, service center, or other group.

Below is the current list of Pam Harris workshops, or click to see the current open enrollment schedule:

Due to the nature of the mentoring relationship, workshops are full day or multi-day and are capped at 35 participants.

All open enrollment workshops are hosted by Trinity Center for Leaders & Learners.