What people are saying…

I usually think training is a waste of time, but this is honestly the best teacher training I’ve ever had. – Jose Ochoa, Granbury ISD

Thank you so much!  It was a very wonderful day and I really feel like I have a lot to use in the future. – Craig Uberroth, Elgin ISD

The best thing is experiencing what our students will be experiencing. – Irma Garcia

Thinking flexibly and creatively about math to build connections and relationships makes math exciting. – Kathy Alexander

It gives teachers the confidence to teach their students constructively. – Delane Weber, Trinity Episcopal School

You leave feeling you have become a more successful teacher and mathematician! – Diana Hobbs

The best thing about the workshop is the focusing on teacher/student interaction and how to promote thinking and engagement in the classroom. – Becky Evart

You do a good job building math for students and making it more connected. I agree with everything you are saying, but did not know how to really do it.  I like that you show both the materials and take time to look at teacher strategies. – Shanna Shelton, Granbury ISD

Teaching strategies were demonstrated to encourage students to participate and validate student thinking. – Julie Chamberlain

The best thing about the workshop is the videos of how the strategies work in a real classroom. – Chris Rothardt

What would you tell someone who was wondering if they should attend? 

Be open to new strategies and approaches to teaching rather than the traditional approach. – Becky Evart

They should absolutely attend.  They would gain valuable tools that could “realizably” be integrated in their classroom. – Chris Rothardt

If you are interested in learning how strings are meant to work and need to see them in action, this day is for you! – Susan Hemphill, Region XIII

Go to deepen your own math.  Learn how using strings strengthen your students’ understanding of how and why.  If you don’t want to think, don’t come. – R. Thurma

It will change the way you approach mathematics in your classroom.  It opens up a whole new world of mathematical thinking and numeracy. – Amy Hoffman

It is about different strategies to solve problems, in a focused way while allowing the students to make connections. A must see! –  Bridget Byers, Pine Tree ISD

It will completely change how you think about how to manipulate numbers so they will make sense. – Sherrill Ballard, Math Coordinator Pine Tree ISD

Your understanding of fractions will be transformed,  – Virginia King, Trinity Episcopal School

If you would like to improve your personal math numeracy and improve your teaching of math numeracy, thus empowering your students to think mathematically, then attend a workshop. Just go!  You will figure out new things! – Tommy Johnson, Trinity Episcopal School

Absolutely!  If you care about making math accessible for all and deepening student understanding. – Nicole Torres

If you are interested in making a significant difference in your students’ math abilities, you should definitely attend these sessions. – Stephanie Lowry, Montgomery Middle School

Please attend so math thinking continues to evolve. – Donna Hallett, Trinity Episcopal School