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Want help identifying and understanding the differences between major models and strategies? 

✔ Understand the difference between models and strategies.  See different models represent the same strategy, and examples of different strategies solving the same problem. 

✔ A card sort for each of the 4 major operations.  There's a card sort for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Easily Printable.  Simply print the pages, cut and sort the cards into sets, hand out sets to participants.

Want to help students identify friendly numbers while constructing strategy? 

✔ Use a Problem String.  Give several problems and pause to discuss student thinking along the way.

✔ Adapt to Students' Needs.  Choose numbers in the problems that start easy and progress in challenge.

Identify Many Friendly Numbers.  Vary the addends to help students see that many numbers are figure-out-able.

Request "Models Vs Strategies Card Sorts"