Count Arounds

What is a Count Around? A Count Around is a powerful instructional routine (a mini-lesson) that can be used in many different grades to promote numeracy, especially place-value relationships and connections. Why Use Count Arounds? Count Arounds are a great part of a well rounded mathematics curriculum.  They are also a great beginning routine for […]

I Have, You Need

“I have, you need” is a quick but powerful routine to help kids construct the very important numerical relations of partners of 10, 100, and 1,000. PLAY Establish a target number. Say, “Total 100. I have 92. You need …”. Give brief think time. Then cue students to respond “8”. Play several rounds at a […]

Professional Development

The Tweet That Started It In Dan Meyer’s blog about Mathematical Surprise, Vince Hoover posted the following: Dan replied: To which I replied: Dan kindly tweeted about it: Deal. And so here I go, expanding. Premise: About Teaching and Learning The following short bit will not do justice to everything that I believe about teaching […]