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 Math is


And Teaching Math is too!

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 Math is


And Teaching Math is too!

Book Pam for a Keynote, Conference, etc.
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Pam Harris

What do I mean by Math is Figure-Out-Able?

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Why have thousands of teachers taken my workshops?

Why have thousands of teachers taken Pam's workshops?

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Lauren Grahame

- Istanbul International Community School

"I was able to apply the lesson ideas and strategies immediately and I know that my students have been so positively impacted as well. Barriers have been broken, mindsets have been shifted... My students are often talking about how math is figureoutable now!"

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Shanaiya Marable

"My favorite part was learning how to do real math using relationships I already knew. I did not know this was possible. I really wish I was taught the strategies we learned when I was in school instead of traditional algorithms, but I’m glad I know them now so that I can teach them to my future students."

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Dig Deeper with Online,

Content-Specific workshops

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Listen to teachers who have participated in my workshops.

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Monica Garcia

“Every day with you was awesome because you taught so many different things. You were passionate about everything you taught... but one thing that blew my mind was when multiplying you can also double and halve. I’ve been teaching that to all my loved ones. "

Mitzi Sinclair

"This has been one of the best courses ever. I love thinking about math in a different way and seeing what it looks like in grades above me. Thank you so much." 

Jose Ochoa

Granbury ISD

"I usually think training is a waste of time, but this is honestly the best teacher training I’ve ever had."

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Tommy Johnson

Trinity Episcopal School

"If you would like to improve your personal math numeracy and improve your teaching of math numeracy, thus empowering your students to think mathematically, then attend a workshop. Just go!  You will figure out new things!"

Cynthia Zelik

Clarke Middle School

"I truly appreciate the interactivity that you built into this workshop. I wasn't just watching, listening, reading -- I was also doing! That is rare in an online anything. I look forward to learning more from your many other online resources!"

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Cameron Marshall

Mansfield ISD

"I feel great! I feel like I wanna go get started on Monday! ...I'm really excited, and I'm just, my mind was blown."

Cheryl Brewer

Humble ISD

 This workshop was not just another “program” or organizational structure and was not about taking home 10 new activities. It was actual teacher training. I feel like after more than 20 years of teaching math, I finally found the key to unlock the treasure box!!!"

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Teach with power.

Problem Strings

Learn about the most important, yet under-utilized, instructional routine - Problem Strings.

We're happy to announce brand new classroom videos of this critical instructional tool!

Pam Harris
See example Problem Strings
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Better together.

Problem Talks

This powerful and important instructional routine cannot stand alone. We can make much more progress when Problem Talks (Number Talks) are paired with their companion routine - Problem Strings.

Learn about the similarities and differences of these two crucial classroom tools.


Learn about this powerful combination
Pam Harris

I'm Pam Harris

As a K-12 mathematics teaching specialist I've traveled countless miles in my 20+ years of transforming school districts and individual classrooms. No matter where you stand in math education, let me help YOU teach math that is figure-out-able for your students.

There's always more to learn.

I've been building a video library for a while now. I've collected Facebook Lives, keynote addresses, and other videos I have made over the years. Check out my YouTube Channel: Figuring Math, and let's learn together.

Empower your teaching.

About Building Powerful Numeracy for Middle and High School Students:

This book is an outstanding and welcome contribution to the field of mathematics education. It simultaneously addresses the development of numeracy and the extensions to the mathematical ideas taught on the secondary level and does so in a wonderfully engaging, coherent, and thoughtful way. Any secondary teacher reading this book will come away with a far deeper understanding of how to develop numeracy and fluent computation while integrating the more advanced topics that they are required to teach.

~ Cathy Fosnot, author of the series
   Young Mathematicians at Work 

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