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As a leader you need access to all the same resources your teachers will have.

That's why I'm excited to offer you access to not only all of my currently online workshops,  but also access to all future workshops the second they are published!

Note: New workshops will be dripped access. Once a new workshop has been fully released you will have open access.   

Make lasting, systemic change

Learn how during monthly Leader Q&As

Join Pam monthly as she answers all your questions and connects you with other coaches and leaders.

In Live Q&As, Pam will address:

  • using Journey in professional development
  • strategies for teaching teachers and mentor adult mathematicians

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Find support and connect with other leaders who are working to bring real math to their schools in the exclusive JourneyLEADER Facebook group. 

  • Ask questions
  • Share and celebrate successes!
  • Get inspiration from others
  • Receive feedback on high level school and district plans 
  • Collaborate on ways to mentor teachers in their journey to teach Real Math

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  • Continual access to ALL workshops for each year of membership
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  • Access to the exclusive JourneyLEADER Facebook group 
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  • A community of leaders joined together through the math is figureoutable movement
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TOGETHER you create an environment where the focus is Real Math and students thinking about and owning relationships.

You can: 

  • Use Problem String videos in PLCs to get teachers ready to deliver in their classrooms 
  • Take a workshops together and have discussions after each Module
  • Use Journey content as continual bite sized professional development
  • Attend Live Q&As together (or watch recordings of previous Q&As) to get answers for your burning questions

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