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Ready to conquer division?

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This workshop is everything you need. 7 modules, 7 weeks, a powerful transformation to make a REAL impact for your students.  $347

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"If you have even one student in your class that struggles with math, then take a Pam Harris workshop."

-Christopher Peterson, West High School, CA

From Participants of the Live Workshop

What will I learn from this workshop?
Should I attend this workshop?

Wendy says it will change your thinking! It will give you a clear picture of what multiplication and division are and ways you can help your students reason and make sense of their thinking.


Will this help my students?

Sandra says, “Oh yes, TAKE THE WORKSHOP!”




Will this workshop apply direclty to my classroom?

She thinks this workshop will teach you multiple strategies so that you can find what works best for each of your students and celebrate their success and thinking!

Erica thinks it is so relevant to her teaching and what she does with students every single day. She is especially excited about how it connects all of the standards and connects them so that she can reach all students at all times!





A 7-week deep dive into division

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    • the top 5 division strategies and how to develop them
    • the most important division models, the order to use, and their purposes
    • how to develop multiplicative reasoning, for powerful division in all grade bands

Runs June 4, 2024 - September 23, 2024. That is 7 weeks of content  with 9 additional weeks access. All for $347!

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What is in the Workshop?

Module 1: What is Mathematizing?


What Will I Learn?

  • What "Math is Figure-Out-Able" means, what is real math, and what it means to mathematize
  • What it means to be a mentor to young mathematicians
  • Why it is important to develop reasoning, not just get answers
  • An important subtraction relationship and strategy (subtraction is so important in division)
  • Steps to take action in your classroom

Why Is This Important?

This is the why, the background, the setting that sets the stage for the rest of the workshop, so that you can implement lessons and strategies knowing how it all fits together.


Module 2: Building the Important Models of Division


What Will I Learn?

  • How to help students connect multiplication to division
  • A spatial model for building the connection of multiplication to division
  • A model for recording thinking 
  • Problem Strings to build each model with students
  • What visual models have to do with access and moving all students forward
  • Steps to take action in your classroom

Why Is This Important?

Students need to develop the major models for multiplication and division as visual representations of numerical and spatial relationships. Students also need to transition to use those models as tools for thinking. Teachers need to know the progression of models, which ones to use with each string and in what order, and how to model-represent student thinking.


Module 3: Division Strategies

What Will I Learn?

  • Each of the five major, important division strategies
  • How to use Problem Strings to develop each of the major strategies
  • When and how to build the properties on which the strategies are based
  • How to represent student thinking on open arrays and ratio tables
  • Steps to take action in your classroom

Why Is This Important?

You can solve any problem, that's reasonable to solve without a calculator, by using one of the five major, important strategies. It's not about a huge, undefinable set of strategies. Rather, it's about building relationships in students' heads so that these strategies become natural inclinations. Students look at the problem and let the numbers dictate the strategy based on the inherent relationships.


Module 4: Two Interpretations of Division

What Will I Learn?

  • The two interpretations of division and why teachers need to know them but students don’t
  • How context and decontextualizing contribute to sense making and flexibility
  • How models and strategies work together and how they differ
  • Steps to take action in your classroom

Why Is This Important?

Different division problems represent the two interpretations of division. Students need external guidance to develop both interpretations and realize that both can be solved with division.

Teachers need to know both interpretations and how to support students to develop both as multiplicative situations that can be solved with division.


Module 5: Top 3 Types of Tasks for Student Success

What Will I Learn?

  • What Rich Tasks are and how they can be used to develop big ideas
  • Problem Strings to introduce and solidify strategies, models, and big ideas
  • How Problem Strings and Problem Talks work together and how they differ
  • How to use Problem Talks to compare strategies and for assessment
  • How to sequence lessons to maximize learning
  • Steps to take action in your classroom

Why Is This Important?

This is the how-to-do-it module. We study different types of instructional tasks and routines, discerning their role in constructing mathematical ideas in learners’ brains. Our goal is to always be moving the math and the mathematician forward. Understanding how to use and leverage different instructional tasks allows you to ensure success for all your students all of the time.


Module 6: Expert Teacher Moves that Help You Help Your Students

What Will I Learn?

  • High leverage teacher moves to encourage student sense making 
  • Teacher moves that support equity and access 
  • Teacher moves to differentiate — to support and challenge all learners 
  • How to support meaningful discourse to facilitate learning
  • Steps to take action in your classroom

Why Is This Important?

Teaching in a way that allows all students to learn and grow is not a trivial task. There are purposeful moves teachers can make that promote class discussion and mathematical dialogue, position all students as sense makers, and build a culture of curiosity and empowerment.

In this module, you’ll learn the high level teacher moves that make the learning happen like a pro.


Module 7: Developing Division in Younger Learners and Extending Division in Higher Math (optional)

What Will I Learn?

  • How to help beginners reason about the relationship between multiplication and division
  • Games that support division and are easily differentiated
  • How to help students think and reason through decimal division
  • How to help students think and reason through polynomial division without using an algorithm
  • Steps to take action in your classroom

Why Is This Important?

No matter what grade you teach, this module has something for you. Mastering the multiplication facts does not automatically lead to mastery of division facts. This module shows you how to help students make that necessary connection between multiplication and division.

Also, when teachers of higher math learn about division without algorithms, it impacts what they teach. Learn some higher math division strategies for rational expressions and polynomial division grounded in thinking and reasoning.


Live Q&A Sessions With Pam

During the workshop you will have the opportunity to submit questions to Pam for her to answer during two live Q&A sessions. The sessions will be recorded and you will have access to them.

Registration closes May 31, 2024










Workshop starts June 4, 2024


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What Participants Have to Say

I loved it! It almost made me sad for summer break because I'm so ready to get started! I'm leaving with a toolbox of strategies that I can pull from.

Amanda Perez - 4th grade teacher

My experience was AMAZING! I would tell not just a friend but anyone who teachers math to take this workshop! I learned to allow students to actually think! Honestly I will be using all of the things we learned! I love the idea of using spare minutes!!

Jennifer Harrison - 3rd grade teacher 

Loved everything about this workshop. Definitely take this workshop, you will not regret it! This will help me be a better math teacher to teach the kids to be thinkers!

Christina Ramirez - 4th grade teacher

This workshop blew my mind! I loved accessing knowledge in my brain and I can't wait to help my kids access this knowledge too!

Wendy Reeves - 5th grade teacher

I want the same experience!
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I’m Pam Harris and I empower teachers to be the teacher they want to be.


I have been working with educators for over 20 years as a classroom teacher, university instructor, and teacher trainer as well as writing books and creating resources for teachers.

As a beginner teacher, I worked hard to make lessons understandable and interesting but I didn’t realize how much I relied on rote memorization and repeating procedures until I immersed myself in math research. This fundamentally changed the way I do and teach mathematics so that teachers and students reason mathematically, not mimic like robots.

Are you ready?

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The workshop costs $347, which is less than the registration cost for many large conferences and also way more convenient.


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How Does The Workshop Compare?

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Learn more about how to earn credits through University of Massachusetts Global.

I can't say enough about the value of this workshop! It has help me grow as a mathematician so I can help my students see themselves as mathematicians. Teaching math so kids know it is figure out able and that they can think and reason and grow is fun and rewarding! I can't wait to get better at implementing all that I have learned about the instructional routines and the great teacher moves! I love all the resources available to me through JourneyPlus! Thank you!"

-Lisa Hogenmiller, BPD Workshop participant and JourneyPLUS member

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My Guarantees

If you complete my workshop and do not learn anything that you can use in your classroom, email me at [email protected] within 10 business days of the workshop ending and I will give you a full refund.

 You will feel very supported because there are live Q&A sessions to ask questions, bonus videos and materials, as well as optional activities.

 I estimate an average of 2 hours of work each week for this seven-week workshop. You will have access to the workshop content for 16 weeks.

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