Instructional Routines

Instructional routines like those found below help students to grow over time. They are teacher directed whole or small group activities that last for five to twenty minutes, to help students construct numerical relationships as they work together with the teacher. They often involve asking students to solve problems on their own, then to discuss, compare, model, verbalize, find and describe patterns, and make generalizations.

To allow for these routines to become routine, they are done regularly with students in small amounts of time in between and in additional to core curriculum. You may be familiar with our favorite “routine” called Problem Strings, but there are many others that provide opportunities for the types of discussion we want to engender in math classes.

Below is a list of some of our favorite instructional routines. Each routine is great for any grade level!

Click on one of the routines below to see examples that we've posted to social media.


Find more of our favorite instructional routines below!