PamĀ lives and breathes professional development and mathematics.Ā  Whether Pam is teaching a university pre-service class, writing a book, or traveling to a workshop, she is busy finding ways to help math teachers be more effective.Ā  Pam is often delivering keynote addresses, presentations, and workshops to math teachers and leaders, helping them becomeĀ better at enablingĀ their students to become mathematicians.Ā 

Pam offer keynotes, presentations, workshops, and on-going campus support with a multiple entry/multiple exit,Ā K-12 perspective ā€“ a vision for the future and steps we can take today.

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Keynotes & Presentations

Pam loves doing keynote addresses.  They are for large groups and can be on a variety of topics, geared for any and all of K-12.  She frequently addresses classroom teachers and/or team leaders, coaches, and administrators.  Pam facilitates opportunities for attendees to construct mathematical relationships and connections.  Teachers are invited to re-examine their underlying assumptions about teaching and learning so that they can make choices that align with their core beliefs. These addresses are great for broad audiences — everybody walks away with something new to think about.

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Presentations are a little different from keynotes in that they are often geared toward a specific grade band, lesson type, or teaching topic.  These are shorter than workshops and can be for any size group.  Presentations are designed to excite and engage teachers with a vision of what is possible in a classroom and provide them with a few new things to implement.  They address an overall approach to teaching math that has cohesiveness and integrity to what we believe about teaching and learning.

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For keynotes and presentations, we offer tailored messages for institutions and conferences.  We can customize by length, grade band(s), and focus.  Some of the topics we address are:

  • Developing Mathematical Reasoning – all about the domains of reasoning, how to build in students, making sense of the shifts in math education
  • Real Math versus Fake Math – the battle of teaching children to be mathematicians instead of mimickers
  • Building Powerful Numeracy – the major, efficient and sophisticated strategies, how to teach them, and their place with the traditional algorithms
  • Problem Strings – a mini-lesson format for all students, a launchpad for all teachers
  • Sequencing Tasks – it’s more than a few cool activities, it’s about development
  • Mathematical Modeling – “Model” has at least 8 distinct meanings in mathematics teaching – we address this to clarify our teaching, student thinking, and strategy building.

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If you are looking for a training experience where Pam and/or team members mentor your teachers, then you want to schedule a workshop, or better yet, a series of workshops.  Real change and development take a sustained effort over time.  We work with many independent schools, school districts, and service centers in long-term relationships that support teachers and leaders in continued development.  Due to the nature of the mentoring relationship, workshops are full day or multi-day and are capped at 35 participants.

We offer private on-site workshops, live interactive online workshops and limited open enrollment workshops in Austin, TX on the following topics and series:

Each workshop has a particular focus, but all of them provide opportunities to shift teachers’ paradigms about what it means to teach math powerfully.