Problem String Videos!

problem strings Aug 04, 2020

Hey fellow mathematicians!

Many of you will be happy to know that what you have been asking for is now available - video of teachers in REAL classrooms with REAL students. We provide these to you for free, but that’s not all.

Take me to the Problem Strings!

Not only will you find full length videos from various grade bands, we also provide you with in-depth, comprehensive resources to help you study and implement these strings yourselves. At this link you can read all about what Problem Strings are and why I know that when done correctly, they are so powerful. Then you can choose from the links below to watch video of strings for these grade levels.

Each video comes with a full page we call “About the Mathematics and Structure”, where we analyze the Problem String and highlight the key models, strategies, and properties of mathematics you’ll encounter and want to consider as you implement the string in your classroom. 

Next, we also provide you with a complete write up of a study of High Leverage Teacher Moves used in the video. We start by calling out, with examples, the essential moves for those of you who are new to this instructional routine and we also examine some nuanced moves for those of you who are ready for them. Studying these moves in detail will help you become expert facilitators for your students.

Finally, each string comes with an annotated transcript that comes with commentary from the expert teacher, reflecting on the moves they made in the classroom. Things they were thinking about while delivering the Problem String, and choices they made or wished they would have made. You’ll better understand what was intentional, and which of what you saw was their style or personality.

These resources are powerful, and we are so excited for you to use them! I hope you’ll share with your colleagues and friends, so that together we can become teachers of math that is Figure-Out-Able!



We to continue to grow this collection of Problem Strings in our membership site: Journey. While the strings above are available for everyone, Journey members receive monthly content, support, and coaching. To find out more, click here.


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