Lessons & Activities for Building Powerful Numeracy

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From the Introduction:

“I wrote Building Powerful Numeracy for Middle & High School Students to bring the wonderful world of research in numeracy at the elementary level to the secondary world.  Lessons & Activities for Building Powerful Numeracy continues that work, providing classroom resources for you to help your students build numeracy.”

”There are two main types of activities in this workbook: Student Workouts and teacher-directed activities (strings, as close as it gets, and relational thinking).  The Workouts (new in this book) are to be distributed to students to work on independently or in pairs.  The teacher then leads a class discussion of the problems and the relationships and the strategies they reveal.  These are often used as warmups.  The teacher-directed activities, on the other hand, involve you, the teacher, actively throughout the activity.  Both types help build a solid numeracy base.”

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Great for middle and high school teachers who want to help students improve their numeracy!

Great for grades 3, 4, 5 teachers who want to build powerful numeracy in their students!

Table of Contents

Chapter 1     Student Workouts for Addition
Chapter 2     Student Workouts for Subtraction
Chapter 3     Student Workouts for Multiplication
Chapter 3    and Division
Chapter 4     Student Workouts for Proportions
Chapter 3    and Percents

Teacher-Directed Activities
Chapter 5     Problem Strings
Chapter 6     As Close As It Gets
Chapter 7     Relational Thinking

Download a sample chapter from Heinemann.

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