Appropriate for administrators, curriculum directors, coaches, and lead teachers.

Supporting Teachers to Build Powerful Numeracy

Great teachers are not born, they develop over time.  They don’t develop in isolation, but they benefit from the guidance and support of those around them.  This is a new workshop specifically designed for administrators, curriculum directors, coaches, and lead teachers who want to grow great math teachers.  There are many challenges teachers and administrators face during this process.  These challenges are compounded as teachers take on the worthy goal of building powerful numeracy in their students.  At this workshop, we will explore issues of implementing math reform such as:

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  • recognizing common teaching mistakes and working with teachers to improve their craft
  • supporting innovation to enhance student success, not just for the sake of innovation
  • building a community that supports the development of flexible, creative, and sophisticated math students with a deep understanding of mathematical concepts

Supporting Teachers Building Powerful Numeracy is a rich, two-day workshop.

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