QUIZ: What Did Mathematics Mean to You?

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It's only when we acknowledge our perspective that we have the choice to change!

What Do You See?

In these images, do you see animals in the white spaces? A dog, a rabbit, a cat? 

Now look in the lower left corner. Do you see a baby? And now that you see a baby, do you see people in the dark spaces?

Can you change your perspective? Now that you know there are both sets of images, can you choose to see the animals? Can you choose to see the people?

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We view and teach mathematics based on our history and our perspective, our viewpoints. Without acknowledging that there are other perspectives and without acknowledging our own perspective, we are unable to learn and grow. What perspective did you hold about mathematics in your formative years? What perspective do you currently hold?

Acknowledging Our Perspective Allows Us to Choose

By acknowledging the way  that you viewed the nature of doing and teaching mathematics, you can choose today to align your teaching with what you actually believe. 

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